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This is a page where I put a lot of content that I give away for free.  Of course this entire site is free to use.  On this particular portion of the site, I provide a full-length book on how to educate college students and military members about sexual assault.  I also have several fact sheets that summarize recent research on topics like the harms of pornography and sexual violence.  I just want to know who is using the book and other materials on this page, so I ask that you sign in.  Your access will be instantaneous and I get the satisfaction of knowing you are using something I've written.  

What is on the Free Stuff Page?

1.  A complete copy of The Men's and Women's Programs: Ending Rape Through Peer Education.  

2.  A document summarizing peer reviewed research released in 2016 and 2017 about sexual assault.

3.  A document summarizing peer reviewed research released recently about how pornography is harmful.

4.  A summary of current research on the sexual assault of men in the military.

5.  Individual chapters of The Men's and Women's Programs: Ending Rape Through Peer Education, including:

Chapter 1    Introduction to The Men’s and Women’s Programs

                     This initial chapter introduces the reader to the different programs described in this book.

                      Description of 4 rape prevention programs (for men & women, college & military)

                      Research basis for programs

                      Specific information for colleges and for military units


Chapter 2    Making Presentations

                   This chapter provides word-for-word scripts for 4 educational programs.

                    Verbatim script for college men's version of The Men’s Program

                       Verbatim script for college women's version of The Women's Program

                       Verbatim script for military men's version of The Men's Program

                       Verbatim script for military women's version of The Women's Program

Chapter 3    Basic Training for Peer Educators

                    This chapter includes verbatim scripts for training exercises that can be used as stand-alone programs                     or as part of a larger 20 hour training program (train the trainers) to prepare for presenting The Men's                       Program and/or The Women's Program.  Specific training modules are:

                    Module 1: Introduction, Overview and Ground Rules

                       Module 2: Team Builder, Strengths and Experiences

                       Module 3: The Men’s Program Presentation

                       Module 4: The Women’s Program Presentation

                       Module 5: Theory, Research, and Outcomes Assessment on The Men’s Program

                       Module 6: The Male Box

                       Module 7: The Female Circle

                       Module 8: Alcohol and Sexual Assault

                       Module 9: Rape Myths and the Importance of Bystander Intervention

                       Module 10: Rape Trauma Syndrome with Handout on Rape Trauma Syndrome

                       Module 11: Consent

                       Module 12: Male-on-Male Rape and The Men’s Program

                       Module 13: The Voice of a Survivor

                       Module 14: Starting Points for Difficult Questions and Difficult Audience Members

                       Module 15: Practice Answering Difficult Questions

                       Module 16: Recognizing Rape Myths with Rape Myths Addressed by Mr. Smith Dialogue and Using Mr.    

                                       Smith Dialogue to Answer Difficult Questions


4    Advanced Training for Peer Educators

                    This chapter includes verbatim scripts that can be used as stand-alone programs or advanced training                       for already trained educators.


                     Module 17: Exploring Privilege

                        Module 18: Identifying Characteristics of Dangerous Men

                        Module 19: Follow-up program to The Men’s Program

                        Module 20: Advanced Bystander Intervention Training

                        Module 21: Advanced Training on Consent

                        Module 22: Pornography and Men’s Violence Against Women

5    Recruiting Peer Educators

                     This chapter gives practical advice and very specific information about how to recruit college              

                     students to be part of a sexual assault peer education group

                     Guiding philosophical principles for recruiting men to present rape prevention programs

                        Stage 1: Recruiting Founding Members

                        Stage 2: Converting Nominees to Interviewees

                        Stage 3: Interviews

                        Stage 4: Making Admission Decisions

                        Candidate Evaluation Scale

                        Letter to Send to Nominators for an all-male group

                        Letter to Send to Nominators for an all-female group

                        Letter to candidates of an all-male group encouraging them to sign up for an interview

                        Letter to candidates of an all-female group encouraging them to sign up for an interview

                        Letter rejecting candidates who interviewed

                        Letter to Send Candidates Who Agree to Interview 

6                   Advice for Peer Educators from Peer Educators

                     This chapter is written by two people who have been part of peer education groups.  One was a U.S.                          Army Captain and the other was president of his peer education group.  

                      Finding a Cause by Thomas Broeker, Captain, U.S. Army

                         Building a Chapter by Aaron Kraus, President, One in Four at Western New England College 

7                   Resources for Advisors

                     This chapter provides resources for advisors who play a key leadership role overseeing a group of                              people who present either The Men's Program or The Women's Program (or both).

                     Your role as advisor

                        If you are not willing to structure your time to make that kind of commitment

                        I have the commitment, but

                        Getting Commitment from Stakeholders  

                        Conduct regular team building

                        Building Group Identity

                        After Training, What Now?

                        Generate Buzz

                        Debut Presentations

                        After this initial push

                        Structure within the group

                        How to boost attendance at programs

                        Sample Press Release for Debut of an All Male Peer Education Group

                        Sample Press Release for Debut of an All Female Peer Education Group

                        Sample Statement for a President to Make at a Debut Performance


                        Sample Mission Statement for a “One in Four” Chapter

                        One in Four Member Standards

                        One in Four Constitution

                        Ideas for “Closing Circles”

                        Sexual Assault Statistics

                        Recommended Websites and Books 

8                   A Summary of Research on The Men’s Program and The Women’s Program

                     This chapter summarizes the most critical peer reviewed research about The Men's and Women's        


                     The Women’s Program Research

                        The Men's Program Research

                        Citations of All Studies Available 

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