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Do Christian College

Students Use Porn?

  1. Among male students at Christian colleges, 14% viewed pornography monthly, an additional 20% viewed it at least weekly, and 5% more viewed it at least daily.  Only 14% never saw pornography (Lastoria, 2011).

  2. Only 3% of women on Christian college campuses view pornography monthly or more; 80% have never seen it (Lastoria, 2011).

  3. The more that students at Christian colleges report their life is influenced by their religious beliefs, the less they view pornography. (Lastoria, 2011).

  4. The more that men at evangelical Christian colleges access Internet pornography, the more guilt they experience about their use (Chelsen, 2011).

  5. Men attending evangelical Christian colleges who do not personally identify as evangelical, look at pornography more hours each week than evangelical men (Chelsen, 2011).

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