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What Does John Foubert Speak About?


Harms of Pornography

Sexual Assault

Trauma Informed Investigations

Bystander Intervention

Benefits of Working with Dr. Foubert


Reasonable, All Inclusive Rates

8 Hours of Presenting Per Day (no upcharges)

Multi-Day and Multi-Institution Discounts

Low Maintenance Speaker (no drama or odd requests)

Data-based, Engaging, Powerful Presentations

Trauma Informed Approach


Be sure to visit the page geared toward your organization:


Frequently requested presentation topics are: 


How to Help a Sexual Assault Survivor: What Men Can Do


Recognizing Perpetrators and Helping Our Friends: What Women Can Do


The Neurobiology of Sexual Trauma: How Brain Chemicals Affect The Body During and After Rape


PTSD and How it Affects Survivor Testimony


Title IX, Campus SAVE, and Adjudicating Sexual Assault on Campus: The Basics


Our Responsibility for Ending Sexual Violence: A Discussion with Faculty & Administrators


How Pornography Harms: Today's Research, Scholarly Perspectives, and Real Life Stories.



For rates, availability, and individually designed programs for your population, call 405-338-8046 or email  You will receive a response the same day.

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