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John D. Foubert, Ph.D.

Statement of Scholarly Impact


Dr. John Foubert is an interdisciplinary scholar who serves as the Dean of the College of Education at Union University.  His research focuses broadly on issues of gender with emphases in gender based violence, bystander intervention, the harms of pornography, religiosity, and college student development.


Dr. Foubert’s scholarly impact is strong by most any standard.  In 2017, his external funding as PI and consultant on grants and contracts crossed the $1,000,000 mark.  He has published 47 peer reviewed journal articles, most in top tier, high impact journals in Psychology, Gender Studies, and Education.  His ten published books focus on translating theory and research to practice in areas that are critical in higher education and society at large.  His seven books about preventing gender based violence have been used nationally and internationally to create prevention programs for gender based violence in hundreds of colleges, universities, and military units worldwide. 


Over time Dr. Foubert has developed the reputation of being one of the most productive and respected scholars in the area of ending Title IX violations and preventing gender based violence on college campuses and in the military.  He has used his God-given gifts in scholarship with his many undergraduate and graduate students to facilitate their learning of research design and implementation.  Over 100 students have co-presented with him at national and international conferences; more than 30 have published with him in peer reviewed journals.


The focus of most of his refereed journal articles and peer reviewed books is the prevention of gender based sexual violence.  In 1993 he authored the script for a standardized, research-based presentation designed to educate college men about rape, titled The Men’s Program.  This program is grounded in social psychology theories concerning attitude and behavior change and was guided in its development by the available scholarship on rape prevention.  His dissertation, the first longitudinal study to evaluate a rape prevention program, found this program to yield the longest change in attitude and behavioral intent in men ever reported in the research literature.  This dissertation was selected as runner up for a national dissertation of the year award. The year he earned his Ph.D. he also founded the national nonprofit organization, One in Four.  Dr. Foubert led three dozen professionals from 7 states to found this organization.  Since its inception, One in Four has presented rape prevention programs to over 100,000 college students nationwide and has set up chapters of its organization at over 50 higher education institutions. 


Over time, his research has moved from short-term pre/post testing, to a longitudinal study with quantitative and qualitative elements, to deeper qualitative inquiry into the program’s effects, to more sophisticated quantitative and qualitative studies.  By matching the appropriate method to address particular questions, his research has led to the continuous improvement of The Men’s Program and aforementioned use by colleges and universities across the country, implementation at the United States Naval Academy, and use by The United States Coast Guard Academy.


Dr. Foubert has a related line of research in the area of human sexuality that explores the harms of pornography.  Dr. Foubert established that increased pornography use is associated with decreased bystander intervention.  His current research is exploring the degree to which intrinsic and extrinsic religiosity, the positive psychology variable of gratitude, empathy, and pornography use impact the bystander intervention decisions of college students.


Dr. Foubert has made over 300 peer reviewed, invited, and consulting presentations.  Dr. Foubert has been flown overseas by the U.S. Army and U.S. Air Force to train personnel who prevent sexual assault across the European theater.  He has shared his expertise with the White House, has briefed top brass at the Pentagon who sought to end rape in the military, and testified before Congress to help achieve the same objective. He also presents regularly to Christian colleges including Wheaton, Moody, Taylor, Oklahoma Baptist, Eastern, Mid-American Christian University, Cornerstone, Tabor, Charleston Southern University, Lee University and Union University about Title IX, the realities of sexual violence, and the harms of explicit media.


Dr. Foubert has been recognized as an exceptional scholar in the field of college student affairs through the Annuit Coeptis Senior Professional award in 2011 from the American College Personnel Association.  He has served on the editorial board for half a dozen prestigious journals in both Education and Gender Studies.  Recently he accepted invitations to help launch two new peer reviewed journals as a founding member of both editorial boards.


Dr. Foubert tracks the impact of his scholarship through several websites including Google Scholar,, Research Gate, and Selected Works.  The following data demonstrates the impact of his scholarship:


Times article or book cited in another scholarly work:                                                  3,109 

H-index                                                                                                                                         27

i-10 index                                                                                                                                     42

Article views or downloads on 3 platforms:                                                                      80,000+

Institutions that have downloaded my work:                                                                    1,432

Countries where scholarship has been downloaded since December 2014:           160


Hardly a researcher in the area of rape prevention and bystander intervention programs neglects to cite his two plus decades of scholarship. In addition, Dr. Foubert is highly sought after by national media to explain research about a host of issues in higher education.  He has appeared on several different CNN and NPR news programs and is cited regularly by the New York Times, U.S. News and World Report, the Chronicle of Higher Education, Inside Higher Ed, and The Washington Post.  Ever the optimist, Dr. Foubert anticipates that his highest impact contributions are yet to come. 

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