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What is in Pornography?

  1. Over the past decade the levels of violent porn, gore porn, child porn, and racist acts depicted in porn have increased exponentially (DeKeseredy, 2015).  

  2. During the last decade, interest in pornography featuring teens (above and below the age of consent) has significantly increased (Walker, Makin, & Morczek, 2016).

  3. Female performers in pornographic video clips are very likely to express pleasure when aggression (such as spanking, forced vaginal or anal penetration, and forced gagging) is directed toward them; particularly if the performer is a teenager.  Such videos perpetuate the notion that women enjoy being subject to aggressive and demeaning sexual behaviors (Shor, 2018).

  4. On just one pornography site, 33.5 Billion visitors accessed pornography in 2018.  Daily visits to the site now exceed 100 million.  The site logs 962 searches a second.  Every minute 63,992 new visitors access its content (

  5. The more degrading pornography men watch, the more likely they are to objectify the women in that pornography (Skorska, Hodson & Hoffarth, 2018). 

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